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Engraving Printing Process Works on PP Non Woven Bags
- Jul 17, 2017 -

      The production that printed in this way-engraving printing is usually called lamination pp non woven bags. This printing process can be divided into two types: 1. The design is printed on the thin film by using traditional gravure printing. 2. Adopting film covering technology to combine the film and pp non woven fabric. It can print all artwork, no matter simple or complex.

       The characteristics of engraving printing are magnificently printed, short production cycle for its machine industury. And this kind of bag usually have the advantages of excellent waterproof performance, durability taht compare with the non-woven bags. Glossy and matt lamination film can be choose by customer.


1. Glossy lamination pp non woven tote bag



2. Matt lamination pp non woven tote bag

AT-NWL1015 (1).JPG