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Environmentally friendly non-woven bag
- Mar 14, 2017 -

The use of plastic bags, because of the very low cost, very, so everywhere you can see their shadows, and discarded everywhere appeared, resulting in environmental and soil pollution, you know plastic bags in the soil, for nearly a century will not be degraded, so national and environmental protection departments attach great importance to effect a radical cure.

No spinning bag of appeared, is to instead of plastic bags of products, can long-term using, on environment of pollution very low. According to color and pattern and so on, in market in the purchase himself beloved of no spinning bag, regardless of is shopping also is Street, it are is practical and appreciate value coexist of a products. maximum of benefits, is can countless times full using. protection environment should from we himself do up, refused to using plastic bags, more using this can repeat using, environmental of no spinning bag. may purchase cost will high some, But if the long considered, very much used, funds on average, very low.