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How to identify the authenticity of a non-woven bag
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Consumers in using no spinning bag of when need on it of authenticity has must of judge. no spinning bag production manufacturers of experts told everyone, has some bad of businesses using other material instead of no spinning cloth, led to production out of bag has must of pollution sex and toxicity. such of products will on using who of body health brings many of effect. so we the how judge no spinning bag of authenticity does? we can directly with hand jitter no spinning bag, if issued crisp of voice on description it is nontoxic environmental of, If sounds dull there might be some problems.

We also can will no spinning bag placed in water in the and to underwater by Xia. this when again release hand, if is environment of no spinning bag, it of share than water small, so will surfaced water. and toxic not environmental of products will sinking. experts reminded, to further guarantee no spinning bag using of security, consumers need select formal of no spinning bag production manufacturers. While in acceptance of when note test report.