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Non-woven bag environment what are the characteristics of
- Mar 14, 2017 -

No spinning bag itself is a is common of environmental products, it is through no spinning cloth making and into of, except has soft characteristics and breathable features zhiwai, no spinning bag used of is also is plane structure. so itself of tough sex and durable sex on very good. from styling aspects for, no spinning bag has compared good of beautiful characteristics, it can repeat for using, even can for washing with. except long-term using of unique function zhiwai, it in application of range Shang also very widely.

Many company enterprise or is public, institutions will in no spinning bag Shang for advertising publicity, will its as gifts to for sent. because no spinning bag of raw materials is polypropylene, so and polyethylene making and into of plastic bags compared, in chemical aspects of structure has is big of difference. currently market among of no spinning bag of type select is very more of, like advertising type of, like gift type of no spinning bag, even also has Memorial type of rubber pad no spinning bag and so on.