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Production process of pp nonwoven bags
- Jul 27, 2017 -

      Production process is the most vital part of pp non woven bags which may influence the quality of bags. It is time to introduce our production process for our customer. It’s usually takes 25 or 30 days to finish production after we receive an order. As follow, I’ll list specific steps

   1st step: Confirm the design. Because pp nonwoven bags usually made in customized design, therefore, it’s very important to check every detail with customer which in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble.   

   2nd step: Plate making. Our factory would make a suitable mould that according to custom design for later mass production.

   3rd step: Cutting. PP non woven fabric should be cut into custom size by machine.

   4th step: Printing. There are several different printing process, for example, engraving printing, silkscreen and so on. Specific printing process is depend on custom bags.

   5th step: sewing. a complete bag was made up by this step. In addition, there is another new technology to replace traditional sewing which called heat sealed.

   6th step: packing.

   7th step: deliver goods.