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The General characteristics of non-woven bags
- Mar 14, 2017 -

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, nowadays everyone in everyday life is to use the non-woven bag, non-woven bags such as this are generally what kinds of features do, below our staff came here to tell you, I hope to help you.

First, this no spinning bag is by poly c vinyl material made of, and the no spinning bag also has many layer design, can has within lining, has flat's and triangle pleated type this two species form. Second, the no spinning bag in bags mouth at also design has can prevent transport process in the products lost of phenomenon, so many people are compared like with it to loaded things. addition stove equipment production manufacturing company head in this also to and everyone said of is, the no spinning bag itself also has anti-UV irradiation of function, not only so, Its internal dimensions are larger, can be set according to user's requirements, which can meet the needs of different users, so also in the production and processing of non-woven bags is easier to facilitate.