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The Printing Method for Non Woven Bags
- Jun 19, 2017 -

We could see the non woven bags every day and should be familiar with them. You can see that every kind of bag has their own design. But do you consider how the design are printed on the bags? Here we introduce two process used most for non woven bag.


-- Screen print. It's the most common printing way which can be done by worker or machine. With moving of scraper, the printing ink on screen plate will permeate through screen and fall on the non woven fabric at the bottom. Using this process, the ink coasting is thicker and so printing looks nicer. 

-- Offset print. In this way, the printing pattern is carved on metal roller or on soft rubber and then sticker on roller. The roller dips in ink when it rotate, at the same time, the non woven fabric roller also rotate. When rollers reach each other, the pattern with ink will be printed on PP non woven fabric. 

For a few of color print, the color register is required. It means one color one time, a color firstly and then another. 

So now you know whey you can see the pp non woven bags printed with various colorful design. 

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