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What is the purpose of non-woven bags
- May 31, 2018 -

First, many non-woven bags are issued to make some non-woven bags faster at home than plastic bags, which is not a waste of resources.

Secondly, many eco-bag companies have great harm to the human body in order to reduce the printing cost of the ink on the non-woven bags, and eco-bag printing can now analyze environmental protection.

Third, from the aspect of texture, non-woven fabrics are not environmentally friendly because they are the same as plastic bags, and polypropylene is hardly degradable polyethylene. The reason why it is promoted to be environmentally friendly is because of its thickness ratio. Plastic bags are high and durable.

Non-woven bags use according to the following categories

Non-woven products: Non-woven bags, advertising bags, gift bags, shopping bags, garment bags, promotional bags, exhibition promotion bags, bridal bags, folding bags, flat bags, ultrasonic non-woven bags and other non-woven bags products.