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Garment Bags Custom Process Description
- Jun 12, 2017 -

I plant is a professional clothing bags, garment zipper bags, clothing bags manufacturer, specializing in clothing bags customized services, factory one-stop service, the specific process is described below.

The first step, through the clothing bags customized customers in-depth detailed communication, clear needs, including designers, senior production technicians, department managers organized professional team free of charge for customers to develop personalized programs, including style, material, technology, the use of results Wait.

The second step, clothing bag customization program to determine. By the two sides responsible for the clothing package bags for repeated communication demonstration and revision of the perfect, and ultimately determine the most suitable for customer products and cost-effective the best effect of the best clothing bag program.

The third step, to determine the clothing bag custom cooperation matters, including materials, specifications, quantity, price, logistics, etc., to develop a contract to pay the deposit.

The fourth step, Hengxiang garment factory under the contract manufacturing arrangements, from the purchase of raw materials, production technology, quality tracking inspection, logistics and distribution of the whole process of supervision, to ensure the quality and quantity on time delivery.

The fifth step, the customer acceptance of receipt, to clear the purchase price. The two sides on the cooperation to sum up, put forward for further improvement of the link, that the basis for continuous cooperation.

The sixth step, Hengxiang packaging pneumatic after-sales service, arrange personal docking tracking and maintenance of customer relationships, at any time to answer customer inquiries on the use of clothing bags, and provide reasonable recommendations to customers, the two sides formed a strategic partnership.