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How To Buy Woven Bags Of Their Own Requirements?
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Plastic woven bags color is generally made of two materials or raw materials, as the name suggests, the price is very different, from a professional point of view, see the fabric of woven materials, is recycled material, semi-transparent material, or new materials, the new material production weaving Bag quality is excellent, can be reused, the raw material production of woven bags in the outdoor use is probably more than 8 months, in general, with recycled materials, the quality of the production of woven bags slightly worse, but the recycled material to do the woven bags is His own application space, such as the use of cement with the bag, do not need to use the new material, so choose a new material to do or do two things, is the need to customize according to their own needs. The naked eye can be a rough identification, would like to accurately need to detect.

If you can detect, the general to detect the appearance of quality (with or without broken wire, cleanliness, sewing quality, diameter weft density, length and width dimensions, weight, etc.), tensile load (radial and weft, ), Drop test, heat resistance, health performance, etc., we can hand rub, if the flat surface wrinkles after leveling is not obvious quality is better, feel more brittle bad. You can also see the thickness, density, pull a pull to see See the strong, with recycled material woven bags relative to the pull significantly reduced, if added secondary back to the material, the relative pull force is even lower. The elongation at break is unstable, and how much fracture rate varies depending on the amount of recycled material.

Recycled material woven bags brittle significantly increased, especially low temperature brittleness worse, impact resistance decreased, electrical insulation decreased, increased the degree of aging, speed up. We can also shake to see if there is no debris, the last point is the smell is strong. Recycled woven bags made of waste plastics, industrial waste and other processed, most of the color are more turbid, feel sticky and has a strong plastic taste. At the same time, the high price of new materials, for the packaging of disposable items, is not appropriate, the price is high, will undoubtedly increase the cost of the product, for some architectural mediocrity, with two materials woven bags is undoubtedly A better choice, after all, is not dressed food, will not hurt the human body.