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Design Of PP Non Woven Bags
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Now the time is the value of the spot in power, even in the production of PP Non Woven Bags above, we also need to meet the aesthetic needs, because people tend to be attracted by some beautiful things, then if our PP Non Woven Bags can Beautiful and very good words, then the degree of popularity is certainly very large, today Xiaobian and we talk about the design of PP Non Woven Bags, the general need to pay attention to what the problem, first of all in the color above the choice, now A lot of PP Non Woven Bags look is a walking ad paper, in the beautiful certainly is not enough, we must pay attention to the color above the coordination, can improve the appearance of the effect, followed by the product above the publicity, since the Has been advertising on the above, then there is no effect, it is certainly not work, so we must gather in the top of the product, you can directly use the product icon, this is the most simple and direct way, but the effect is also Can not be underestimated, and finally in the performance above, we focus on the appearance of the words, ignore them in the Played on performance, it is a slick product.

In general, when we use PP Non Woven Bags, this is very convenient, in a business custom PP Non Woven Bags, in fact, they are in the appearance of the above is the need to add some text or pattern, although this is the increase in production Steps, but also can be achieved, today Xiaobian and we talk about PP Non Woven Bags in the printing, the general need to pay attention to what the problem, first of all we know that the general method of choice is very much, like Watermark or thermal transfer, this is very common, but because the effect and characteristics are not the same, so we in the choice of time, or need to pay attention to.

The second is in the printing process, our requirements for the color is very high, try not to show the color of the situation, generally after the end of the print, the color may be affected by the very much, so we certainly need to avoid this , The protection of color is very necessary, and finally the text and patterns are generally based on the requirements of the custom to decide, so we can not appear chaotic situation, before the printing to confirm good.