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Does PP Nonwoven Bag Will Become The Next White Pollution?
- Jul 28, 2017 -

      With widely used of Non-woven bag, more and more people began to think that whether this kind of environmental friendly shopping bags can protect our environment just like it was acclaimed by market. There is no doubt that Non-woven fabric for its own material is biodegradable, so bags that made up by pp non-woven fabric are more environmental than plastic bags.

        Therefore, it is very difficult to cause so-called white pollution, and I guess what people really worried about is non-woven lamination bags. In the printing process we will print color on the OPP film, and then press the film to the non-woven fabric by the effect of high temperate, such lamination bags are not made by pp nonwoven material, but add a layer of plastic film on top. So it may be difficult to degradation. However, due to it’s durability and aesthetics, most of people would not throw it away immediately and will reuse it. When we look at from whole aspects, pp non woven bag is a good production to protect our environment.