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How To Distinguish Between True And False Non-woven Fabric
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Provide non-woven bags when shopping in the supermarket bags are bags, how to differentiate? As long as we put the empty bag into the water, sinking an environmentally friendly bag. If there is no sinking, it's not true bags. Environmental protection plays an important role in the daily life, as follows:

Only partially supported environmental protection bags or boxes, real root of universal education, combating pollution sources is a good way to solve it. This issue, we could start to see: the harm of non-reusable bags. Non-woven bag to bring a lot of convenience to the public, but it also causes pollution to the environment, some non-reusable bags are not used for food, which could harm human health should not be underestimated. Medical experts point out that food, especially food, after packing in non-woven bag, often spoils easily, after people ate spoiled food, causes vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of food poisoning. In addition, the plastic itself can release harmful gases, in a sealed bag of medium-and long-term accumulation concentration increased with the increase sealing time, resulting in varying degrees of contamination of food in bags, impact on the healthy development of children is particularly prominent. Stall depth of color often used on special non-woven bag, great harm. It is formed by the recycling of waste plastics reprocessing, do great harm to the human body, cannot be used to hold a direct entrance to food cannot be used in PVC plastics stored alcohol-containing foods, oily foods, or lead into the food in the bag; and the non-reusable bags or temperatures above 50 ° c food.

In summary, non-woven bag factory production non-woven bags still play a pretty big role, as long as I pay attention to use, green life will give you a warm environment.