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How To Judge The Quality Of Non-woven Bags
- Jul 10, 2017 -

       With the developing of the awareness of environment protection, people would like to use non woven bag when they are going to shopping, because it helps to reduce white pollution. As the pp non woven bags become more and more popular, some unethical manufactures will use inferior material to produce bags. As follow, I will give some ways to show how to judge the quality of non woven bags.

      The first method is that put the bag into water. If it can rise to the surface, thus the bag has high quality. Because the products without toxic material are lighter than water. If a large proportion in the bag, and it will sink into the water.

       Another method is to use fire, if the non woven bag release a pungent smell when burning, and it must not a high-quality bag. Therefore, custom buy the produces can text it by these way.