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Market Survey On Non-woven Bag
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Non-woven bags are "popular" in major shopping malls and supermarkets in Shenzhen, merchants sold or given away reusable shopping bags of different color, thickness, up to dozens of different kinds. Yesterday, huaqiang North Metro Mall in a business that specializes in plastic bag told reporters that recently went out to increase the number of non-woven bag. Sunganglu a franchise owner of plastic bags on the market, told reporters that sales of reusable bags are currently on the market is made by using a technique called non-woven material, can always use more environmentally friendly.

The introduction of plastic limit order, some ordinary plastic producer and marketer seeks to respond to market changes in transition. A large green bag manufacturers told reporters in 1999, non-woven fabrics product line is only 20, has now reached 300. Shenzhen textile industry association said that the "plastic limit order" the introduction to the development of the non-woven industry has the opportunity, many enterprises have been widely used in combination with other manufacturers in the textiles, plastics industry, through established channels of access and marketing relationships, full production of the bags into the consumer market.