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Medical Non Woven Fabric, You Have To Understand The Ten Questions
- Nov 01, 2017 -

1 medical Non Woven Fabric are different from ordinary Non Woven Fabric and composite Non Woven Fabric. Ordinary Non Woven Fabric do not have antibacterial properties; composite Non Woven Fabric waterproofing effect, poor ventilation, generally used for surgical clothing and surgical sheets, etc .; medical Non Woven Fabric are spunbond, meltblown, spunbond (SMS) process Pressed together, with resistance to bacteria, hydrophobic, breathable, no wool, the characteristics of the final packaging for sterilization, one-time use, no cleaning.

2 medical Non Woven Fabric quality standards: sterilization for medical equipment, the final packaging materials, medical Non Woven Fabric, should also meet the GB / T19633 and YY / T0698.2 specifications.

3 Non Woven Fabric is the use of validity: medical Non Woven Fabric cloth itself is generally valid for 2 to 3 years, different manufacturers of product validity is slightly different, please refer to the use of instructions. The use of medical Non Woven Fabric packaging of sterile items, the effective period is 180d, and not affected by sterilization.

4 for the sterilization of Non Woven Fabric packaging products to 50g / m2 plus or minus 5 grams is appropriate.

5 medical Non Woven Fabric packaging surgical instruments, the use of closed packaging method, should be 2 layers of Non Woven Fabric cloth 2 times the packaging, repeated folding can form a long curved path to prevent micro-organisms "easily" into the sterilization package, can not 2 layers of Non Woven Fabric cloth to do a packaging.

6 medical Non Woven Fabric fabric after high temperature sterilization, the internal results will change, affecting the sterilization media penetration and resistance to bacteria, therefore, medical Non Woven Fabric can not be repeated sterilization.

7 due to the hydrophobic properties of Non Woven Fabric, too much, too heavy metal equipment after high temperature sterilization, cooling the formation of condensate water, prone to wet bag. Therefore, in the large equipment within the pad of absorbent material, appropriate to reduce the load on the sterilizer, sterilization between the gap, the appropriate extension of drying time, try to avoid the occurrence of wet bag.

8 low-temperature plasma hydrogen peroxide should be used "special strong" Non Woven Fabric, can not use plant fiber-containing medical Non Woven Fabric, because the plant fiber will absorb hydrogen peroxide.

9 Although medical Non Woven Fabric are not medical devices, they are related to the quality of sterilization of medical devices. The quality of medical Non Woven Fabric as packaging materials and their packaging methods are essential to ensure sterility levels.

10 with reference to the manufacturers to meet the requirements of the inspection report and product batch test report, and medical Non Woven Fabric material physical and chemical properties of acceptance, to ensure the quality of the use of qualified products.

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