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Non-woven Bag Industry, Environmental Awareness Raising
- Mar 14, 2017 -

In today's growing public concern, advocates and environmental protection will no doubt enhance the brand image. Therefore, it can be recycled non woven bag, you become a major brand to promote the brand image of good advertising. Business Marketing Association believe that, on the one hand green fashion non-woven shopping bags can inspire more young groups of goodwill and interest in the other hand, branding out environmentally friendly non-woven shopping bag would be retained for long periods by consumers, recycling, will bring more than plastic bags, paper bags, advertising bags better results.

Starting from released plastic limit order, plastic bags will start to fade the market, instead to repeated use, environmentally-friendly and durable non-woven bags. Non-woven bag compared with printed pattern more easily. Non-woven bag color more vivid, vivid natural pattern.