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Penma Is A Very Important Process Of Woven Bags
- May 31, 2017 -

Although the most important concern or its quality, so the production of woven bags is the most important, Coding is the production of woven bags is a very important process, which is the most important What are the requirements?

This is an indispensable process in the production of woven bags, the product publicity plays an important role, in order to spray the design nice, the shape of the woven bag needs to be flat, the rules, the use of the general inkjet printer on these weaving Bag spray, the nozzle if the distance from the woven bag too close, will have impact damage to the nozzle, and if the distance is too far, it will seriously affect the quality of printing.

The wholesale price of woven bags will be affected by this, because if the shape of the woven bag is not structured, it can not guarantee the distance between the woven bag and the nozzle, so the inkjet printer will produce some damage, resulting in the reduction of the life of woven bags,

Plastic woven bag production operation of the four steps to know how much:

1. Operation before power on

(1) called or metering the required raw and auxiliary materials for drying and stirring. Mixed with recycled material of raw materials, the first recovery of particles into the dry mixer for mixing heat. Recycled material particle mixing temperature is controlled at 80 ℃, to the temperature set when the number of cooling in the mixing box. And then add the new material into the dry mixer to stir the temperature to 500 ℃, add the filler to continue mixing, the masterbatch into powder. Need to add colored pigments in time to add the required coloring pigments, stirring about lmin release in the mix box with the recovery of particles to stir evenly. If the raw material is blended with the powder, the raw material is mixed with about 30 ° C. Add the filled masterbatch to continue stirring. When the raw material is mixed with the powder, the powder is placed in the mixing box and stirred until the powder is released. The Recycled material particles need to add paraffin, then the first recovery of raw material particles to about 70 ℃, the paraffin treatment into a small piece of people continue to stir.

(2) Add the supplied resin to the extruder hopper.

(3) Open the water tank of the cooling water tank.

(4) When the extrusion temperature reaches the specified requirements, the temperature is 15 min.

2. Boot step

(1) start the extruder motor about 30s immediately stop to observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, if not immediately immediately repair. Until the enemy is removed and then start the motor running.

(2) start the drafting machine electromagnetic speed motor, the speed transferred to the desired location.

(3) start all the motor around the wire machine, and adjust the required speed.

(4) When the molten material is extruded from the die, clean the dirt in the die and the coke on the die lip with O.2mm thick plug.

(5) the flat film from the tank out of the roll in the drawing machine on the membrane roller, flat film to be flat without spots, the flat film traction by the trolley, wire blank roller, I oven, Wire roller, Ⅱ oven, stereotypes guide wire roller, and then marked the knife blade of the flat film cut into sub-billet by the above process to form the required flat wire, and then in the winding machine on the chain around the wire.

3. normal operation

(1) When the machine is running normally, according to the required thickness of the flat wire to adjust the extruder, drafting machine, around the wire machine speed.

(2) adjust the oven temperature.

(3) adjust the tension of the wound wire, 15A regulator transferred to 100 ~ 160V, far from the flat wire in the drawing machine and the machine between the elastic machine.

(4) always observe the thickness of the film, once found thin film gradually thin, immediately shut down to replace the filter.

4. Stop the steps

(1) Lower the heating temperature controller of the barrel, tee, and die by about 20 ° C before stopping.

(2) reduce the screw speed to zero, turn off the extruder motor, while reducing the draft speed to zero, close the draft motor.

(3) cut flat wire. Wire closer to the wire closer the better.

(4) Turn off all motors on the wire feeder.

(5) Turn off all heater power.