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Processing Method Of Non-woven Bags
- Mar 14, 2017 -

With people on no spinning bag products of process requirements increasingly high, now also appeared has many production no spinning bag of printing technology, and next we on to for everyone introduced several compared popular of process processing method. first is first species, is watermark, because its used has water play rubber pulp for printing media and named, in textile printing in the compared common, also was as printing, printing Shi put color pulp and water play rubber pulp harmonic, laboratory Shi also without chemical agent, can directly water flush, Characteristic of this approach is that coloring is very good, with strong covering power and fastness of washable, basically no smell.

Particle size Analyzer manufacturer in this and say to you is, there is a method of heat transfer, which belongs to a special factor, does not need intermediates, not only the fine print, and also rich in layers, more suitable for graphic printing of small area, but the prices are higher, printing costs are relatively large.