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Woven Bags Of Different Environmental Protection Factor
- Oct 20, 2017 -

According to the different production of raw materials can be divided into plastic woven bags, kraft paper woven bags, film woven bags, Zhisu woven bags, etc., different woven bags of environmental protection factor The

In theory, the paper bag of paper materials than plastic woven bags of high environmental protection index, in all types of woven bags in the most environmentally friendly to kraft paper woven bags, and it is mainly made of kraft paper, followed by paper-plastic composite woven bags , Paper-plastic composite woven bag in addition to the use of paper materials, but also added a layer of plastic film, this layer of plastic film is very easy to be natural degradation.

Environmental performance is the worst plastic woven bags, plastic woven bags are made of polypropylene (English name pp), low temperature impact resistance is poor, easier to aging, is the most environmentally friendly in all types of woven bags, but after the modified Polypropylene can customer service this shortcoming, thereby enhancing its environmental protection.

China's woven bags trading network is B2B e-commerce, enterprises and upstream suppliers and downstream customers to establish e-commerce system between enterprises to achieve sales to produce, to produce for the efficient operation of logistics and unity, the maximum control in stock. Enterprises can also establish a unified e-commerce system with suppliers and customers to achieve direct communication and trading between suppliers and customers of enterprises and reduce turnover. Enterprises through the potential customers with the establishment of online business relations, you can cover the original difficult to cover the traditional channels of the market, increase the market opportunities for enterprises. Through the establishment of e-commerce between enterprises with these enterprises, greatly reducing the transaction costs of both sides, an increase of SME customers online purchasing power.